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I was gonna start by writing my age, occupation and base. First is not important, second you've probably guessed, and third is nowhere near obvious based on my content, but I am currently based in Copenhagen. I'd like to use the word "currently" as I've been longing to move somewhere with more of a mountainous surface, somewhere closer to the stars. *update* Dreams do come true, I am no longer in Denmark. 

Poetry aside, here are the facts. I grew up in Slovakia, where I'd been surrounded with mountains from as long as I can remember. I remember going to our family's  log cabin in the middle of the woods, always fascinated and drawn into the ravishing energy of natural world. Every time I come home to visit and we drive to the mountains,

my dad always laughs that I stare at them so intensely as if I've never seen anything alike before. What can I say, it's just magic. 

I have educational background in Arts and Fashion Design, but I have always been passionate about film and photography. Once someone asked me why I take pictures. I paused for a moment and said: "People and places will change, but memories won't." Now, when I finally have the time, I hope I will find my way back to film and keep up with pressing the shutter.


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